A sleepy girl’s guide to law school

I’m a few days away from finals week. Law students will understand the chaos that ensues from having to face the much dreaded final exams. There’s a lot of worrying, reading, and going on frequent study breaks we think we deserve. I like exam weeks in the sense that I prefer written evaluations over oral recitations. What I hate about it the most is that I am forced to give up sleep, and I really, really love sleep.

Honestly, I still don’t know why I managed to survive three years of law school. I owe it all to prayer and the occasional urge to study scholarly. Most of the time, I’m just sleepy (but in my defence I have scoliosis, sinusitis and anemia–all of which could be contributing to my never-ending fatigue).

Here’s a sleepy girl’s guide (or note to self rather) on how to survive exam week and how to survive law school in general.


I subscribe to a rather unconventional view on this and some of my friends do not agree with me. I usually tend to sleep a lot a week before the exams. Usually around this time professors give free cuts to allow for extra study time. I take advantage of this period to sleep instead.

Just sleep. Take lots of it. The wisdom behind this is that I would feel well-rested when the actual exam week falls. I wouldn’t feel so burnt out or overly deprived of my favorite activity. It keeps you refreshed and your mind alert. Also, it makes you less likely to become a victim of falling asleep for extra long hours during the actual exam week.

Find a nice app/game or TV show

What I’m talking about are those games that run on energy or take a couple of minutes to complete tasks like Hay Day, Paradise Bay or Kendall and Kylie (no shame). These allow for more productivity in the sense that you won’t be able to pour out so much of your time on this because there’s a certain limit to what you can do in one sitting. There’s only so much that you can do in one go. It doesn’t give you an infinite amount of time to play. Let’s just say it takes three hours to complete an event in WeHo on “Kendall and Kylie,” that’s already enough to finish up one chapter of a book or half of it at least.

Watching a 30-minute TV series is also a good alternative. I’m currently watching Santa Clarita Diet so consider that my study break show for now. A 30-minute show is advisable because you get an episode’s worth of satisfaction in less time. A one-hour show would just drag you down and make you feel lax. You lose your drive to study as you get more invested in the show you’re watching.

Go for a drive

This is actually unnecessary. I just placed it here because I’m the kind of person that easily gets distracted and I have to get rid of that distraction in order for me to move on. Studying punches up my cravings to record-breaking highs. Most of the time, I crave for food that isn’t in my fridge. It’s time consuming to go to a drive-through, buy food, eat and then go home. But if it takes away your thoughts from sleeping, then go ahead.

Don’t study in your bedroom

As much as possible, don’t study inside your bedroom or don’t study anywhere near your bed. Have a nice table with a nice chair that you can sit on comfortably. It makes it less likely for your to fall asleep. This is the most no-brainer advise of all because duh.

What I usually do is that I study in the living room when everybody else is asleep. If I need to lie down for a bit because my back hurts, there’s a couch nearby. Of course, you’ll probably doze off for a couple of minutes, but you wouldn’t go as far as sleep for hours on end because the couch isn’t as comfortable as a your bed and your body will realize that soon enough to wake you up.


I can’t guarantee that everything in this guide on how to survive law school will work for you, but it does work for me (or maybe I’ve somehow led myself to believe that it works even though it doesn’t and I’ve been living a lie all this time). At the end of the day, it’s all about getting the job done  in the best, most efficient way you can without losing your shit. Happy studying!

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