Happy Moving Day!

After two sleepless nights, I’ve successfully booted up my own blog! Yay! In the past couple of years I’ve been blogging alternately between WordPress and Blogger, but I felt that I needed to give my blog its own identity and have more freedom with what I do with it hence the decision to move to WordPress.org.

Everything’s doing great so far, although I had to relearn everything from web hosting to FTP to CSS themes–basically everything basic thing that has to do with how to create your own website on WordPress. It was such a stretch, but I enjoyed it. I’m so excited to finally make Notes on Thursdays my little home on the web. In case you’re wondering why the blog is named as such, Thursday has something to do with my name and another reason is that Thursdays have been my version of Fridays¬†ever since I started law school.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post brief because I still have an exam tomorrow and I haven’t even started reading yet. You’ll see pretty soon how I much I tend to cram a lot and do things at the last minute.

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