10 quick and easy baby shower ideas

Planning a baby shower takes a lot of time and effort, especially if it’s your first time planning and you only have two days to whip up an event that’s one for the books. Today we threw a surprise birthday shower for our friend, and albeit that limited amount of time we were given everything went as perfect as can be. I’ve rounded up some of the tips and tricks I gathered from a first in my life and listed down 10 quick and easy baby shower ideas. I hope this friends of future-mom-to-be’s plan and organize that very special event. (By the way, not all photos in this post are mine. I was so busy with the event that I hardly got the time to take photos.)

Tip 1: Divide and conquer

If you only have little than two days to plan a baby shower, the easiest way to do it is to delegate tasks to other people. It’s impossible to do everything alone with such little amount of time. Thankfully, there are eight of us in the group and everyone was actively involved from the planning to execution. What we did was divide everyone into three groups: decorations committee, food committee and game master(s).

Tip 2: Buy now, pay later

The expenses came out of our own pockets, so what happened was that the committee members paid for everything they bought, then the committees added the expenses together, and then we divided everything amongst ourselves. We found that it was easier to work with a flexible budget than with a fixed one.

Tip 3: Have the baby shower at home

Since we only had two days to plan the event, we didn’t manage to secure a venue that would fit our needs. The plan was to do a full baby shower event filled with games and other activities, so we needed a much bigger space. Instead of doing it at an events venue, we opted to have it at a friend’s house. It was more cost-effective this way and we weren’t so conscious about the time or the mess we were making.


Tip 4: [Decorations] balloon with tulle

When it comes to planning things, Pinterest really is your friend. I feel like everyone who’s on Pinterest is a creative fellow or at least has a knack for all things arts and crafts.

As part of the decorations committee, our goal was to plan a baby shower that was Instagram-worthy, but easy to create. One of our chosen baby shower decorations were balloons with tulle.

Navy and burlap tulle balloons for baby corners christening with customised wooden initial cut out #tulleballoons #christeningballoons #burlap #originaldesign

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Re-creating these balloons wrapped with tulle requires a lot of patience especially if you’re going to work with mother balloons, which are these really large balloons. The only really difficult thing about doing these balloons is that you have to have the right amount of tulle otherwise the balloon won’t float.

Materials needed: balloons, tulle, ribbons

Tip 5: [Decorations] tassel garlands

The couple was expecting a baby girl so we worked with the colors pink and gold. Another easy to do baby shower decoration tassel garlands was used as a skirt for dessert table as well as an overhead piece above the table. Here’s a quick and easy guide to doing tassel garlands from Love, Lace and Linen.

Tip 6: [Food] desserts

Like I mentioned earlier, we were all pressed for time and didn’t have time to cook or have catering do food for the baby the baby shower. For our baby shower dessert table, we had chocolate-coated pretzels, marshmallows, brownies and candies. These were all store-bought so there’s no need to order them beforehand. We did, however, have to order customized cake and cake pops from the baker.

Baby shower ideas

We didn’t have time to contact someone who can do dessert tables for us, so we made our own. All the baby shower food were something we enjoyed eating on a regular basis so it was easy to pick which ones to buy. An important advice for this 10 quick and easy baby shower ideas list: All you really have to do is be creative and resourceful. 

Tip 7: [Food] pizza saves the day

When feeding large groups, pizza is always the way to go–even at baby showers! None of us know how to cook well, so again we bought everything from restaurants. On our baby shower food plates were two different pizza flavors, roast chicken and pasta. (Note: this was a private gathering with just 13 people attending so you can adjust your food choices if necessary.)


Tip 6: [Activity] Baby predictions and messages

Aside from being a fun little activity to do for the baby shower, you can also give the cards to the parents as memorabilia. It’s a really sweet way of getting the parents excited for their baby. You can download the baby predictions and messages card here.

Tip 8: [Games] Name that baby!

The game master gathered all of our baby pictures and then had us assign names to the baby’s photo. We didn’t know this was part of the game because she asked for our photos individually and in secret. Of course, friendships were tested at this point because some of the baby photos were really hard to identify! It’s a fun activity to do especially among close friends. Another variation of this game would be to name match the baby animal to its parent.

Tip 9: [Games] Drinking game

Like, I said my friends and I like to drink so this baby shower game really a big challenge for us–or so we thought! The game master put beer inside little baby bottles and the goal was for each player to drink it fast. The person who clocks in the shortest amount of time wins. I swear, if you think this is easy it isn’t. I mean, when was the last time you’ve ever drank from a baby bottle?

Tip 10: [Games] Design your own baby onesie

For this baby shower activity, we bought plain white baby onesies from H&M and had everyone design the onesies. At the end of the game, we gifted the onesies to the parents. And yes, regardless of the designs.


The most important advice of all, really, is to have as much fun as you can. Even though planning a baby shower was done in a rush, it all turned out perfectly! That’s all today’s 10 quick and easy baby shower ideas.


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