8 essential law school outfits that are anything but boring + life updates

8 essential law school outfits

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As seen on the link above, I’ve registered Notes on Thursdays over at Bloglovin’ in order to interact with amazing bloggers across the globe. I’ve always believed that one of the important things about blogging is reaching out to people beyond borders and regardless of language and ethnicity.

In the past few days I’ve been very busy studying for my final exam in law school for this semester. I still have a two-volume book left to read, so I’m really putting all my time and effort into this battle. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even supposed to blog today but seeing the surge of views on Notes on Thursdays recently really made my heart jump. I’m truly amazed and thankful for you guys for checking out the blog and giving it a chance to pique your interests.

As you can see, law school is my jealous mistress right now. Not only does it crave attention, but it also rightfully requires my full attention. At this point, law school is no longer just an option in my daily routine because it is my daily routine.  


Aside from the readings and recitations, one thing that really frustrates me about going to my classes sometimes is the clothes I have to wear. We don’t have a uniform, so we are free to wear whatever we want as long as it conforms to the dress code policy. It’s not that strict, but there are provisions that make it difficult to pull out a different look every day (i.e. we are not allowed to wear jeans, sneakers, etc.).

Outside of school, the legal profession itself also impresses importance on sartorial decorum. Nothing distracting, flashy or overly exuberant. As my dad simply puts it: you’re dressing up to litigate and defend people’s rights, not join a party.

By now you’re probably I thinking I wear boring clothes on a regular basis. If there’s anything I’m sure I learned in my three years in law school it’s this: having limits and restrictions should not prevent you from looking your best and feeling your best. Law school-appropriate clothes don’t have to look boring or drab to comply with policy.

To give you a bit of a moodboard of sorts of law school-appropriate looks, here are 8 essential law school outfits and some choice ensembles from my favorite fashion bloggers.


Every career woman knows how important it is to invest in a good pair of blazers that fit perfectly. If it’s your first time getting one, I highly suggest going for a black blazer because it matches everything and can be worn on different occasions. I usually get mine at Zara because I believe they have the best fit when it comes to blazers.

Washed black denim and blazers. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 New outfit post up on HarperandHarley.com

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Since we’re talking about law school-appropriate outfits here, I would pair these blazers with a skirt or a pair of trousers.

All-white number

I really love this look from Barbora Ondrackova of @fashioninmysoul. Wearing all-white is a risky move to take, especially if you’re someone like me who commutes on the daily. It’s very clean and refreshing. It’s a huge breather from all the complex latin maxims I have to learn and memorize for school.


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked if I was going to a funeral because I wear all-black quite a lot. I don’t even understand why it’s a funny joke for someone. Regardless, I feel really comfortable wearing black pieces. It’s so easy to edit and the outcome always feels classic and clean-cut.

Weekenddddd!!! 💥

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Black satin. Outfit post up on HarperandHarley.com

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Probably not going to wear something that low-cut on the front, but I really like the silhouette of that top.


Playsuits are really easy to put together. There’s no need to mix and match because it’s a complete look in itself. These are perfect for when you’re in a rush and have no time to plan an outfit for the day. It also looks very feminine and classy.


Like blazers, you also have to invest in a skirt that would fit you and your lifestyle well. I’m not really a huge fan of really short skirts, so I prefer that they sit just above the knee. These skirts worn by actress Jamie Chung and Chelsea of @chowdownusa are something I would wear regularly.


You can never go wrong with a dress! When I’m feeling a bit lazy, a really good dress will definitely do the trick. An important thing to note here is that not all dresses will be law school-appropriate. Just make sure it’s not too fancy or too sexy.  A simple functional dress can go a long way.


Oscar fitting round one @sammyandjudy #bighero6 #bestanimation

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White button-down

This is a classic piece every woman must have in their closet whether they’re in law school or not

Made a bit of effort for this mornings meetings 😇 #SheScrubsUpAlright #ootd http://liketk.it/2qYWl #liketkit

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If you haven’t noticed, the outfits I picked are dominantly black or white. Whenever I pick anything with a splash of color, I go for pastels or neutrals. I’ve never won any bright color to law school. I just don’t feel like it goes well with the vibe at school. Plus, it makes you an easy target for recitations because professors can easily spot you even if you’re seated right at the back. As for makeup and accessories, keep it at a bare minimum. Like I said earlier, you’re not going to a party. It’s essential to keep things professional.

Work you way through these 8 essential law school outfits (or office looks really) and find out what’s best for you. Got more ideas to add? Write them down on the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts and advice!

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