The spring edit: Florals

I’ve never seen you wear so much color!

This is a compliment I often get when I wear that one bright orange floral shirt that I have. I’m not huge on color. I think I’ve mentioned it before that my clothes are either in black, white or neutral tones. The most colorful I can go is when I’m wearing subdued pastel colors—and of course that bright orange floral.

Floral is probably my exception to the general rule when it comes to hues and prints. I love floral pieces all too much, especially for spring and summer when my wardrobe deserves a splash of vibrant colors.

A floral piece brings just enough femininity to an outfit. It can work as a base or an accent. It’s a classy option that’s easy to edit and fun to pull off.

As I usher in spring and revamp my wardrobe, I’ve rounded up some of my top floral picks!

Tokyo Floral Wrap Playsuit – Topshop $95.00

Rd & Koko Belted Skater Dress In Floral Print – ASOS $77.95

Tea Jumpsuit in Floral Print – ASOS $76.00

Floral Drape Neck Midi Dress – Topshop $65.00

Red Paint Floral Tea Dress – Topshop $90.00

Floral T-Shirt by Adidas Originals – Topshop $45.00

Manga Print Split Sleeve A-Line Dress – Topshop $110.00

Spot Floral Wrap Top – Topshop $50.00

Trollied Dolly Floral Romper – ASOS $33.50

Miss Selfridge Petite Floral Maxi – ASOS $96.00

Floral Tile Mini Dress – Kate Spade £318.00

What do you guys think? Would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for spring fashion.

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  1. Spring is my favourite time of year to go clothes shopping precisely because of all the florals on offer! I do usually wear quite a bit of colour, and florals give me even more of an opportunity to express myself! Of the pieces you picked out, the spot floral wrap top from TopShop is definitely my favourite!

    Abbey 😘

    1. I love shopping for spring. There are so many choices and there aren’t any limits to what one can wear.

    1. I’m really into florals right now, too! I’m thinking of getting more especially for spring/summer. 🙂

    1. Me, too! I love how floral prints always makes days feel like spring or summer even when the weather isn’t cooperating. It’s such a happy print.

  2. I’m not a big fan of floral if I am honest, but I do love some of the designs that I’d tempt myself to buy it sometimes. Aha. And that draped midi dress by Topshop is nice! x Ain

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